Internet in the Scientific and Research Activity of a Young Researcher — Student of Pedagogical University

The aim of the current paper is to describe the authors’ personal experience of using the Internet productively for the issues of searching and analyzing video content of the scientific and creative events, studying the literature and materials from university websites, communication with other researches and scholars and etc. This article also underlines the terms of a productive Internet usage at the university, such as subscription for the online library, contracts and agreements signed between the universities and the Russian State Library to regulate the free access to the dissertation materials, creation of a secured e-portal, that will become a database of graduation papers and theses, upload and spread of informational materials and adds on the upcoming university events and ground expertise of students works and articles before their publication. This paper also provides advice and useful tips for those students, who want to promote and upgrade their research works by means of the Internet. At first, the students should do research on the editorial board of a journal, then consult the official website of the RSCI e-library and find this journal’s card or profile and check the information there with the data from the journal’s homepage, and, finally, consider closer the audience of researches and scholars, who work with this publisher.The recommendations provided in the current paper will allow the one to increase the productivity of the process and make the Internet sources truly useful for the research.

Народное образование. Педагогика

Вуз: Московский педагогический государственный университет (МПГУ)

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Московский педагогический государственный университет (МПГУ)


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В статье В.А. Новоселова, написанной на английском языке, освещаются вопросы продуктивного использования ресурсов сети Интернет, преимущественно в научно-поисковой деятельности студентов вуза. Данная тема весьма актуальна, поскольку, несмотря на то что Всемирная паутина, с её широкими возможностями, является одним из основных источников информации для обучающихся, существуют некоторые риски: на...

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