Liubov Çimpoeş. Kuzey Kafkasya Gagauzları’nın Milli Kimlikleri

In general, in the Caucasus along with other diverse communities it is also included many Turkish tribes. In North Caucasus, Karachay, Balkar, Kumuk and other Turkish communities along in XIX century Gagauz Balcars were living in close friendship with the Kabardin- Balkar Autonomous Republic. Unfortunately, in this region after the researchers and scientists investigations Gagauz people was defined almost nonexistent and in the science world and especially in Turkology area was not introduced. Known that in XIX century Gagauz people have migrated from Kazakhstan. In period of Stolypin’s reforms (1908-1914) by the Russian government in the rural areas of Kazakhstan the descendants of people displaced from villages like Vulkanesti, Etulia, Gavanosi, Cesmekoy today also live in Semipalatinsk province in Uzbekistan. In Caucasus region the Gagauzian second migration wave started after Civil War in Czarist Russia. By the reason of terror from White army in period of Civil War, gagauz people living in Kazakhstan have started to look for more quiet living areas. Another reason for the migration is the absence of Basarabia conditions in cold Kazakhstan soils, and because of inability of using agriculture and animal husbandry practices people were forced to displace. However, in spite of everything Gagauz's of the Caucasus have very strong history memories. The main ethnic away there from the roots, keeping the settlement of traditional ties, particularly in Kazakhstan, then in Caucasus was provided in a multicultural environment, material and spiritual protect the unique example of the culture, and even led to the preservation of the oldest examples. Snap areas that we collected during the research is extremely valuable examples of spiritual culture, not only in terms of art, but also carries great value in scientific terms. in 1988 the results of the research was registered in “Denizboz”, “Köroğlu”, “Aşık Garip”, “Tahir hem Zühra” which take care of the most Gagauz legends. A fact that, in different national and cultural environment in recent years, the disappearance of small peoples and cultures is intensely experienced. However, thanks to a strong bond with their relatives at and roots of the population and intensive habitat helps for protecting the authenticity of the small community of people and property. Caucasian region Gagauz’s spiritual culture samples and especially the lives of the people living in this region, protecting and maintaining their own identity, examples of oral and written literature constitutes the basic subject of our report. KEY WORDS:Caucasus Gagauz’s, Gagauz folk arts, myth works, dense settlement,originality.

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